The Bellville Historical Society consists of an energetic, dynamic group of individuals whose main focus is the restoration & preservation of the historic sites & buildings in and around Bellville.


Objectives of the Bellville Historical Society

The specific objectives of the Society are to actively promote an awareness by the general public of the history and culture of Bellville, Texas and its surroundings by:

1.     Chronicling the history of Bellville through photographs, past written records, interviews  with the citizenry and through all sources which would provide the membership with information;
2.     Locating, restoring, protecting and commemorating historical building sites, both public & private;
3.     Preserving the charm and beauty of Bellville and its surrounding area;
4.     Commemorating all things of historical significance; buildings, graves, cemeteries, etc.;
5.     Acquiring a building, ultimately to serve as a library/museum/meeting place for the Society and to house its and memorabilia; and
6.     Establishing park(s) embodying general or historical interest.


The society has regularly scheduled meetings plus meetings for special interest groups and special events. Visit the Society Meetings page for more information.

Several projects have been completed including the once delapidated historic Masonic Lodge. It was purchased by the Society and was completely and proudly restored. Today it is used for the Society’s monthly meetings and for various community activities.

The historic Masonic Lodge

The historic Masonic Lodge today. Home of The Bellville Historical Society.

For information about becoming a member, visit our Membership Page.

The Bellville Historical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
Our resource center is located at 15 N. Masonic St. Bellville Tx.
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