Historical Bellville
Note Cards
– $13

Discover the charm of Bellville’s rich history with our Historical Bellville Note Cards. This set features six exquisite sketches of iconic buildings from the Bellville, TX area. Produced by the Bellville Historical Society, your purchase directly supports vital restoration projects in the community. Own a piece of Bellville’s heritage while contributing to its preservation.

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There’s Something About The Country – $10

Explore the heartwarming charm of rural life with ‘There’s Something About The Country,’ a captivating book by Jim Bishop, with a heartfelt foreword by Leon Hale. This collection of essays and stories takes you on a delightful journey through the countryside, celebrating its unique beauty and timeless tales.

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Times Remembered
(The Perky Poets Society)

The Perky Poets Society meets monthly at The Bellville Perk (thus the name “Perky Poets.” Bellville is a town in central Texas. Each month members gather to share poems they have written; eleven of the members contributed poems; also included are four poets who wrote in the early 1900’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s, including some translated from the original German.

TIMES REMEMBERED includes reminiscenses of Bellville’s 175 year history, of holidays, times spent in nature, special places, meditations and reflections, and reflections on faith.