Bellville’s 175th Anniversary Celebration! 

We came together to celebrate a momentous occasion as the city of Bellville proudly commemorated its 175th birthday! On Saturday, November 4th, the Bellville Historical Society invited everyone to partake in a full day of festivities that paid homage to our rich history and vibrant community spirit. From a captivating parade led by the Bellville High School Band drum line to a host of engaging activities and performances, this landmark event offered an unforgettable experience. We stepped back in time as students in period attire narrated the captivating history of downtown buildings, immersed ourselves in German settlers’ culture, grooved to lively polka music, and witnessed a thrilling “High Noon Jail Break” reenactment. Whether you were a history enthusiast, a fan of baseball, or simply looking for a day of family-friendly entertainment, Bellville’s 175th birthday celebration had something for everyone. Admission to the day’s events was free, but many of us didn’t miss the chance to dance the night away with David Lewis and his band at the Bellville Turnverein’s grand finale.

As the sun set on this remarkable day, we were reminded of the enduring spirit and rich heritage that define Bellville. It was a celebration of our past, a joyous embrace of our present, and a promise of a vibrant future ahead. Thank you for being a part of this historic milestone, and may the memories we created today continue to echo through the years. Here’s to Bellville’s 175 years of history and to many more to come!

Bellville 175 – Opening Procession and Opening Ceremony


The Bellville 175th Anniversary Celebration began with a procession to the courthouse. Leading the procession were the Boy Scouts of America from Bellville’s Troop 36, followed by members of the Bellville Band and Flag Corp. Bringing up the rear were community members dressed in period clothing, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the historical period.

At the courthouse, Judge Tim Lapham recounted the history of Bellville and introduced individuals from the community who played key roles in organizing the celebration. He then outlined the various events planned for the day, inviting everyone to participate in marking this special occasion.

Bellville 175 Historic Downtown Square Tours


The Bellville 175 Celebration featured a tour around the historic downtown square in Bellville Texas. Students from Faith Academy took on the persona of historical figures from Bellville’s past to give an immersive tour of historic locations in Bellville that exist to this day. Tours began at the history house and ran every 30 minutes starting at 10 am till 1:30 PM.


You can download the brochure in the video HERE.

Bellville 175 – Jail Break at High Noon


The Bellville 175th Anniversary Celebration continued with this reenactment of a jail break from the historic Austin County Jail Museum.

Disney Frozen Performance by Bellville High Drama Department


The Bellville 175th Anniversary Celebration continued with the Bellville High Drama Department giving a sneak peak to their upcoming performance in December of Disny’s Frozen. Held at the gazebo in Clark Park in Bellville, TX, the students put on a delightful performance to a park full of attendees.

Bellville 175 – Bellville High School Alumni Baseball Game


The Bellville 175 Celebration continued into the afternoon with former Bellville High School Graduates returning to put on an exhibition baseball game.