Membership of the Bellville Historical Society


While the Society has grown and prospered for 47 years, we always welcome new members to join us as we create enjoyable events and activities that preserve our local heritage.

All members, friends and the Bellville community are kept informed about events and activities through frequent email messages, newspaper articles, and Facebook postings. Our monthly socials provide a venue for exchanging experiences and for capturing the memories of our mature members.

Membership Dues are $25 per year per person.

Joining the Bellville Historical Society

Become a member today by following these simple steps:


    1. Download the Membership Application:
      Click on the link below to download our membership application form:  Bellville Historical Society Application Form
    2. Print the Form:
      Once downloaded, print the form. You will need a printer connected to your computer or you can use printing services at a local library or print shop.
    3. Fill Out the Form:
      Complete the application by hand. Please write legibly using a blue or black pen.
    4. Include Your Dues:
      Enclose a check for $25 per person, made payable to the Bellville Historical Society.
    5. Mail Your Application and Dues:
      Send your completed form and payment to:

Bellville Historical Society
P.O. Box 672
Bellville, Texas 77418

We look forward to welcoming you as a member and thank you for supporting our efforts to preserve and celebrate the history of Bellville!